Meet Brennan

Brennan Firth is a unique blend of entrepreneur, doer, and dreamer. He is the youngest American winemaker to make a name for himself in Argentina, trying to move the country’s winemaking away from overly technocratic practices.  Through Cepas Elegidas, Brennan is presenting wines that are among the most authentic in the world:  using native yeasts, free of added enzymes, and bottled without filtering or fining.

Brennan’s approach to winemaking is comparable to the ‘Vin de Garage’ or “Garagiste" group of innovative winemakers in the Bordeaux region.  The focus is on excellent quality, extremely limited production, and a healthy disregard for traditional technical practices.

Arizona born and raised, Brennan first visited Argentina at the age of 23.  A year later he made Mendoza his home, beginning a journey that would be wrought with many challenges as he sought to create a style of winemaking with minimal intervention and go against what mainstream Argentine wineries were producing. Now in his mid 30’s, and more than a dozen vintages wiser, Brennan is creating wines that are widely acclaimed and highly sought after throughout Argentina.

Prior to Cepas Elegidas, Brennan gained very valuable experience while working at other wineries including Paul Hobbs, Sebastopol/Dutton Estate, Paul Mathew, Bodega Furlotti, Viña Cobos, and Paul Lato.