Sommelier, Consultora Umami, Review of Cepas Elegidas

Elena Amigo, Sommelier, Consultora Umami (

Complexity is one of wine´s most significant attributes and Cepas Elegidas has it in its complete portfolio.​ The range of Cepas Elegidas wines are so varied that they could never be a bore for any consumer.

I usually call them "conceptual wines" in a sense that each label is a story in itself in many different aspects: Terroir,  production techniques, percentages in a blend that change from one harvest to another, the choice of a certain name and the anecdote behind it. 

The drawings and pictures on the label are as attractive as the wine itself, both to the regular customer and the potential ones.

The artist behind these works is Brennan Firth, winemaker and adventurer who is always in search of new things, with an open mind to carry them out,. having a remarkable knowledge and expertise that helps him succeed most of the times. 

Elegance, freshness, body, and roundness are all features found in Cepas Elegidas Wines.  There is a clear tepidity in every bottle.  

All these things go together to combine wines that meet worldwide demands, highly sought after in both domestic and foreign markets.