About Cepas Elegidas

Brennan Firth created Cepas Elegidas (SEH-Pas, El-Eh-HE-Das), meaning 'Chosen Vines', to shine a spotlight on ‘true’ and authentic wines in Mendoza, Argentina.

Brennan Firth created Chosen Vines in 2009 focusing on vinifying with integrity and character and a deep desire to preserve the soul, the structure, texture and aromatic complexity found in each vineyard. Chosen Vines is named because Brennan, as he walks through the rows of each vineyard, evaluates and chooses which ones will be suitable to be part of his wines, tying a cord of different colors and deciding when each row, each vine will be harvested. 
Cepas Elegidas forms its portfolio through the fervent belief that in each year in each vintage unique wines are achieved as long as they meet the requirements of their maker. 
Born and raised in Arizona, Brennan first visited Argentina at the age of 23. A year later he began his journey making Mendoza his home. He began to create a unique style with the least possible intervention, making wines that seemed authentic to him - maintaining excellent quality, extremely limited production, achieving unique and unrepeatable wines, trying to get away from technicalities and winemaking manuals. 
Hand harvesting, sustainable farms, fermentation with indigenous yeasts, without the addition of enzymes, plus the patience required to make wine and waiting for it when it is aged in barrels on lees, are some of the techniques used to achieve the highest quality. The wines from Cepas Elegidas are limited lots, depending exclusively on the quality of the vineyards. Its annual production varies between 5,000 and 25,000 bottles.